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At Titze’s we believe customer service can make the car repair experience run much ¬†smoother. We create lasting relationships with our customers by being honest and not overcharging for our repair services.

Customer Service

See What Our Customers are Saying

"Honest, fast, knowledgeable & inexpensive. This shop was recomended to me by friends. The shop is kinda a little hole in the wall back behind Merlins/shell gas on north cliff but you cant beat this place. I have owned old junk cars all my life & spent plenty of $ in repair shops. I know enough about cars to know when I am getting ripped off & have never felt I was getting ripped of at Titzes." - N.H.
"Without a doubt, best shop in town--honest, fast & thorough. Won't charge any more than necessary. If they can't fix it they will tell you. Did I mention they are honest? Seriously, the best in town." - Allen L.
"People like him make me want to move to this state...I strongly recommend him" - Anonymous
"Carl is absolutely the only mechanic I trust" - Anonymous